Dog Dental Hygiene

We specialize in non-sedation cleaning of every size and breed. The purpose of routine cleanings is to stop problems before they start by removing tartar from the gum line. Our technique for anesthesia-free teeth cleaning involves using a hand tool to scale the teeth without any machinery.

Book An Appointment

You can either have us come to you or go to one of our many partner locations. We offer in-home cleaning or you can choose one of our partner locations.

Mobile Dog Teeth Cleaning

We Offer Professional Cleanings For Dogs In The Comfort Of Their Own Home.

Dog Teeth Cleaning @ Partner Location

Appointments Are Available At Partner Locations Including Pet Stores, Grooming Salons, And Other Pet Services In The Lower Mainland.

Cat Teeth Cleaning

Not Only Do We Offer Cleaning Services At Home, But Also At Our Partner Locations.

We have many locations throughout the lower mainland that bring us in on a regular basis. We book hourly appointments at those locations from 10 am – 5 pm. These dates are listed on our calendar under the host’s name. You can also book us to come to your home for your pets teeth cleaning appointment for only $30 more.

Your Dog Dental Hygiene Appointment

Our standard dog dental cleaning appointment for canine and felines typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour. We aspire to provide a gentle, carefree experience for all animals that use our service . Each tooth is thoroughly gone over with a hand scaler, the appointment finishes with brushing and polish. Plus, there are no side effects afterward so your animal can get back to enjoying its day as usual. 

During the appointment we take time for each pet to get comfortable with their cleaner. Do a check over of the mouth before the clean. Smaller dogs are swaddled in a towel and placed between our legs , leaving our hands free to safely access their mouth. Larger dogs still need to lay on their back, but we try to ease them into position calmly and carefully. Many people do not think their dogs will behave for this service, but they might just surprise you, we have a very high success rate.

When Unable to Clean

If we are unable to clean your pets mouth, there is no charge . Although this doesn’t often happen, it could occur if your dog has health or behaviour problems that make it dangerous to continue. If we come to your home and are unable to clean, the only charge is a $50 travel fee.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about anesthesia – free dog dental cleaning, please feel free to contact our team of cleaners. We are here to help and answer any questions you might have.