Cat Teeth Cleaning Services In Vancouver

Keep your furry friend’s teeth clean and healthy with Houndstooth cat teeth cleaning services in Vancouver! Our gentle cleaning process is safe for cats of all ages and helps keep their teeth healthy and free of plaque and tartar buildup. Our convenient at-home service means that you can have your cat’s teeth cleaning services without having to take them to the groomer! 

Leave the hassle of tooth brushing to us – our team of cleaners will take care of everything for you! For all cat teething cleaning bookings, please email or call us in advance.

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We have multiple options to bring our cat teeth cleaning services in Vancouver to you! We offer mobile cleaning or choose one of our partner locations:

Mobile Cat Teeth Cleaning


Providing At-Home Cleanings For Dogs Who Prefer The Comfort Of Their Own Space.

Cat Teeth Cleaning @ Partner Location


Appointments Are Booked At Partner Locations Such As Pet Stores, Grooming Salons And Other Pet Services Throughout The Lower Mainland.

Cat Teeth Cleaning

$250 (@Home + $30)

Providing At-Home Cleaning And At Our Partner Locations As Well.

— We have many locations throughout the lower mainland that bring us in on a regular occasion to host dental days. We book hourly appointments at those locations from 10am – 5pm. Or you can book us to come to your home for your pets teeth cleaning appointment for only $50 more, aka our “mobile service”

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the health of your pet, your veterinarian may suggest that you have their teeth cleaned every six months to every two years.
If you don’t do it yourself or use professional cat teeth cleaning services, your cat could get gingivitis. It can lead to either painful tooth resorption (teeth sinking back into receding and diseased gums) or the body reabsorbing the tooth. If you observe what you think is extreme gingivitis, you should talk with your veterinarian.
Cats, just like us, need daily dental care to reduce plaque and prevent tartar buildup. Some training will be required to get your cat used to the idea of having its teeth brushed, but it will be easy once they’re comfortable with the process.
It’s never too late to get professional dental care and cleaning. Good cat teeth cleaning services can relieve pain and help keep good teeth healthy.