Houndstooth Teeth Cleaning

Serving Vancouver & Surrounding Areas 

Teeth Cleaning For All Breeds And Sizes $200

Houndstooth Teeth Cleaning

Serving Vancouver & Surrounding Areas 

Teeth Cleaning For All Breeds And Sizes $200

providing pet owners with a paw-sitive experience at an affordable rate of $200.

We streamlined full-service dog teeth cleaning in Vancouver with love & care

Houndstooth provides mobile anesthetic-free cat & dog teeth cleaning in Vancouver. We are providing pet owners with a paw-sitive experience for their beloved family members at an affordable rate of $200. We streamlined full-service dog teeth cleaning in Vancouver with love & care. Wherever you are in Vancouver, we can come directly to you for an in-home appointment, or join us at one of our partner’s locations. Houndstooth does not have a set location, we work out of pet stores, grooming salons, and your home.

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Our Teeth Cleaning Sessions Are Between 40-60 Min


Scaling of all teeth, using hand tool to remove tartar

Bad Breath

Having your dog's teeth cleaned on a regular basis will eliminate the bacteria and germs that result in bad breath.


Brushing and polishing of the teeth


We will provide brushing tips & tricks to improve your at home dental care routin

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All natural
sedation and drug free
calm and gentle approach
same rate for all breeds and sizes

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning In Vancouver

Our calm, gentle service is an all natural way to prevent tartar build up and is an important addition to your pets routine. We will have your pet’s teeth cleaned in under an hour with no recovery time because we do not use drugs of any kind. 

We do not use any machines, only hand tools for an all-natural experience. Our services for cat & dog teeth cleaning are effective, and easy for pets and owners. We spend the time to learn your pets individual needs and have the experience to keep them comfortable during their cleaning. We work with all types of dogs, even those with anxiety . If we find an issue with a tooth during a session or find that a pet is not a candidate we will not charge for the appointment. ($30 travel for private at-home appointments )

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Providing pet owners a paw-sitive experience for their beloved family!

Our Mission

Our gentle, all-natural approach does not require sedation and should be considered an integral part of the grooming process and overall pet dental care.


Our Mission Is To Provide Comfortable And Gentle Dog Teeth Cleaning . How Do We Achieve This Goal? We Work To Gain The Trust Of Your Pet By Being Calm And Giving Them Time As We Slowly Introduce The Hand Scaler And Toothbrush. Small Dogs Will Be Wrapped In A Towel, Larger Dogs Will Be On Their Back Or Side. We Remove Plaque On All Teeth Surfaces And Finish By Brushing And Polishing. Our Dental Cleaning Services Will Take Between 40 & 60 Minutes.


We Specialize In Providing High-Quality Dental Cleaning Services For Pets. We Believe That Every Pet Deserves The Best Possible Care And Strive To Deliver Just That. The Team At Houndstooth Consists Of Experienced Cleaners Who Have Worked Closely With Dogs And Undergone Training To Offer The Best Possible Service To Their Clients.

Appointment Process

We Want To Ensure That We Offer The Best Experience For Dog Teeth Cleaning . When Your Dog Arrives, We Will Spend The First Minutes Of Their Cleaning Doing A “Look Through” Of Their Mouth To Ensure Our Service Is Appropriate For Them. We Will Only Provide Our Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning Services When It Is Appropriate For Your Dog. If We Do Not Perform A Cleaning On Your Pet, You Will Not Be Charged For The Appointment.

Our Service Is Not A Substitute Or Replacement For Professional Veterinary Care, And We Do Not Examine, Diagnose, Treat, Or Offer To Cure, Or Attempt To Diagnose Any Disease, Disorder Or Illness. We Simply Provide An Additional Level Of Care And Grooming For Your Pet.

Our client testimonial

"Not Only Is Leah Knowledgeable With What She Does, She’s Also Patient, Kind And Makes Sure Your Fur-Baby Is Calm And Relaxed During Their Cleaning. Thank You Leah"
Chantelle Viviers
Ashley Drake
Ashley Drake
Thank you Leah! Stevie’s teeth look great for a fraction of the cost. Stevie was completely calm and happy when we picked her up. Thank you for a great service and see you again in the future.
Erin McElvaine
Erin McElvaine
Attentive, friendly and calm with my anxious dog. Her teeth look amazing now and it is such a relief.
Steven Moody
Steven Moody
Leah came by and cleaned my pups teeth in no time at all. I was impressed. Very professional, super fun. Will definitely be calling her again!
Jay Malen
Jay Malen
Great service! Leah was amazing she has a way with animals that surprised me lots of people say they are a "dog person" but Leah truly loves dogs and will provide a wonderful experience that is only befitting a member of your family!
Chantelle Viviers
Chantelle Viviers
Not only is Leah knowledgeable with what she does, she’s also patient, kind and makes sure your fur-baby is calm and relaxed during their cleaning. Thank you Leah

Frequently asked questions

Brushing and chewing is important for your pets gum health, raw bones and bully sticks can help to maintain gum health. Regular cleanings are to prevent heavy amounts of tartar from collected in areas that are neglected by chewing and brushing. 

Dental disease is more than just a cosmetic issue: when your dog has red gums, yellow teeth, and stinky breath, it could be a sign of severe oral disease that left untreated could lead to devastating effects on your pet’s quality of life.
Our cleanings are a preventative service and aim to keep pets from developing dental issues.
Neglecting your pet’s teeth and gums can cause chronic pain issues. Gum disease in your pet can cause bacteria to spread and infect vital organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver.

The best way to keep your dog’s mouth healthy is generally to schedule a cleaning twice yearly. However, some dogs require more frequent cleanings every four months because they are older or small and build up plaque and tartar quickly.

The following are the primary signs that signify it is time to have your dog’s teeth cleaned: 
● Bad Breath: Having your dog’s teeth cleaned on a regular basis will eliminate the bacteria and germs that result in bad breath.

● Inflamed Gums (gingivitis): Some signs that your dog has gingivitis are if their gums bleed when chewing on sticks or toys.

● There is plaque and tartar on the surface of the enamel that is visible.

In order to keep your pet healthy, I recommend brushing their teeth daily. This should become a part of your routine so that both you and your dog are happy.

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See Your Dog’s Healthy, Beautiful Smile Once Again!

You brush your teeth every day, and you take your children to the dentist for cleanings – so why not do the same for your dog? Why not keep you furbabies’ teeth free from plaque and tartar help them to have a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Our passion and love for dogs are the difference at Houndstooth.